Ludo Money Zone - How to Play
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Game Rules:

Rules & Regulations to Play Ludo Game

Playing Ludo is very easy and you have to play with patience and a positive attitude, so come on let’s play the game!!

1. After entering through the login page and recharging wallet amount You can now set a challenge for the game to your opposite player who can be anyone from across the country either your friend, relatives or any outsider from your known areas. It means those who have already entered the playing room may start to play game.

2. Now you have to share your room id or player id to your opponent or your opposite player to accept the challenge to play a new game. You both have each other Whatsapp number also to exchange details.

3. On winning both players have to update their results immediately in the following manner:

(a) If you have won, select the WON option and upload the winning screenshot of the game.

(b) If you have lost, then select the LOST option. If you want to play again you have to follow the above-mentioned steps again.

(c) If both players and both opponents do not wish to play match then anyone of them can opt or select the CANCEL button/option to come out from the game.

4. If anyone tries to post the wrong result after the game, he/she will be charged a penalty of Rs. *50.

5. Both parties and players have to record or can make a record of every game so that none of you can make hacking/cheating/ditching to create any issues. If any of you have any such issue may immediately contact our support team to look into the matter and the issues get resolved without any further complications.

6. If the game is not started or if you haven't played a single move or you want to leave the game you have to show the recording of the game in support to come out. The Game will be canceled at the same moment only if you have the supporting or recording of the same.

7. If you don't have any proof against the player with whom you are playing about any cheating or any error in-game, you will be considered as lost and nothing is going to be entertained at cost.



1. The player can deposit OR recharge their wallet or may put some balance in the Wallet section (You can add min *Rs.50).

2. The player can take withdrawal by sending a withdrawal request on our app or can write or Whatsapp no. to the concerned person or may contact in writing with all details.

3. Deposit and withdrawal request shall be completed with all supporting details at any point of time. For this the minimum amount bracket is *Rs.500).

4. Any wrong payment detail given by you or given by any player will not be considered for the refund at any cost.

5. Once the withdrawal is done, you don't have any authority to raise again the same query. No communication in this regard shall be entertained.

6. If withdrawal requests showing pending status then the user/player must have to wait for at least 3 days for final processing. If not done then he/she can reach us through Whatsapp message written on our website or may write us on the given e-mail id with proper request-id/number so that the authenticity may be ascertained.


1. All Challenges, a flat 10% commission will be charged from the winning players.

For any Query

You may please write to us at or use our support box.

Your Issue will be resolved in the next 24 hours.