Ludo Money Zone - FAQ
Commonly Asked Questions
What is Online Ludo game?

It is the software development game program which has been developed on the concept of traditional game Pachisi.

How many people can play Ludo Online game?

Thousands of members can play online ludo game at the same time. A minimum of 2 payers is required to play ludo game on Ludo Money Zone.

What is Room Code / Room ID/ Player Code/Player ID?

Basically, it is a unique identity/entity is set to represent the player that is going to play with his / another member who wishes to play and already entered the room or virtual place.

What Leader Board stand for and why it required for the game?

A Leader Board is an indicator of winning member who wins the game and his / her name gets displayed on the screen so that others who all are active on the Dashboard can see the result.

What coin means in the ludo game?

It is the virtual money which has been exchanged in the form of real money to play the game.

How to complain?

If any user who starts playing and has any complain and wants to complain then the user can reach out to by e-mailing on The user can attach the screenshot and mention the description of the complaint.

If any player does some cheating or misguiding. Where to report and what Ludo Money Zone do about the same?

You are requested to please share the link or take a screenshot of the same and exchange those messages to our support team by emailing on We see it very seriously and take strong action to the respective player or players according to our Terms & Condition policy.

What Share & Earn stand for?

Here Share means you are sharing your Unique Share Id and Earn means, you are earning the Coins once your referral is complete.

*Is there a way to redeem earned Coins into money?

Coins earned in Ludo Money Zone can be converted into real money through sell coins option. Ludo Money Zone is solely keeping the authority and process the same according to the terms and conditions.